Building a Movement

Housing Justice cannot be realized without the support of our friends and allies. CAT belongs to a number of coalitions and networks that bring various groups together to achieve our shared vision of equality, justice, and ensuing that everyone’s basic needs are met.

These are the coalitions and campaigns that CAT is either a member, or has officially endorsed.

Coalition for a Livable Future – A diverse partnership of organizations and individuals working together to create a more equitable and sustainable Portland metropolitan region.

Healthy Homes Coalition – Supports policies and programs that improve the health and quality of housing in Multnomah County.

National Low Income Housing Coalition – Dedicated solely to achieving socially just policy that assures people with the lowest incomes in the United States have affordable and decent homes.

Oregon Housing AllianceBrings together advocates, governments and organizations from throughout Oregon to support a statewide housing legislative and policy agenda.

Oregon Landlord-Tenant Coalition – Brings together Oregon’s major landlord and tenants associations and advocates, as well as other housing agencies and individuals, to negotiate changes to Oregon’s Landlord-Tenant Act.

Oregon Opportunity Network – a statewide association of organizations and individuals who provide housing and economic opportunities for working families, people with disabilities, and seniors in Oregon communities.

We Are the Safety Net – We define ourselves by the concern we have for others, and look to our elected leaders to help us unsure that we are providing a safety net for the many that have fallen on hard times.

Welcome Home Coalition – We are dedicated to ensuring ongoing resources for housing and homeless services in our community and are building a region-wide coalition to lead a grassroots movement in support of affordable housing opportunities.