All staff email addresses are: (first name)

For media inquiries before May 1, 2017, please email

Katrina Holland, Executive Director

503.460.9702 x: 1

Contact Katrina for issues related to: bookkeeping and finances, partnerships, fundraising, local, state and national policy, and media (please email  for media inquiries before May 1, 2017)

Katrina joined CAT in December of 2014 and manages operations at CAT overseeing fundraising, staff supervision, board development, human resources, grant reporting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and external partnerships.  Katrina brings a solid background as a community leader and economic development and affordable housing advocate in the Pacific Northwest and knowledge in building strong infrastructure to support organizational success and sustainability. With a passion for tenant power and a vision for an equitable housing market, Katrina hopes to support CAT’s members, partners, and staff to build a strong housing justice movement in Oregon.


Dung Ho, Tenant Education Program Director

503.460.9702 x: 3

Contact Dung for issues related to: Tenant Education Program, Renters’ Rights Hotline, Mold relocation assistance

Dung is CAT’s Education Program Director leading CAT’s Education Program staff in all aspects of the Education Program including Renters’ Rights Workshops, Letter Writing Clinics, Evictions support, and the Renters’ Rights Hotline. Dung joined CAT’s staff as of June 2009. In her recent role as Tenant Coordinator, Dung led research for CAT focusing on helping tenants with mold present in their homes through education and by supporting tenants through the repair request process. Dung is also leading CAT’s new evictions  counseling program. Before Dung became a Tenant Coordinator at CAT she regularly volunteered for the Renter’s Rights hotline, Safe Housing Project and was also a member of the CAT board.


Pam Phan, Policy & Organizing Manager

503.460.9702 x: 3

Contact Pam for organizing opportunities (building-based organizing, campaigns), leadership development programs, contracts, funding opportunities and to talk policy.

Pam Pam joined us as CAT’s Policy and Organizing Director in December of 2016 to build a strong and nimble organizing department that responds to the dynamic political environment at statewide and local levels. Most recently, Pam has organized with youth, immigrants, refugees, people of color, houseless, and low-wage workers for housing justice and improved livability in the Portland metropolitan region. She has 18 years of experience, in and out of government, working with communities from their own perspectives, to support leadership development and political education for people to speak for themselves at policy making tables. Earning her Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from Portland State’s Toulan School, she hopes to infuse technical skills and expertise strengthening CAT’s ability to build a movement based on tenant power. 


Jensi Albright, Community Engagement Coordinator

503.460.9702 x: 2 

Contact Jensi for issues related to: community workshops and outreach events, CAT’s Housing Heroes Circle, donations and membership

Jensi is our Community Engagement Director and brings 8 years of experience as a seasoned event organizer to CAT. She has a strong background working in the non-profit world specializing in administrative and fundraising functions and overseeing events and projects from membership conventions to grant writing. Jensi also has been a dedicated volunteer at CAT for the past 3 years, serving on the Board of Directors and participating in the Safe Housing Project coordinating and training the VVS, a team of Spanish-speaking volunteers.


Cristina Palacios, Senior Organizer

503.460.9702 x: 3

Contact Cristina for issues related to: volunteering, door-knocking and organizing, Safe Housing Project, and leadership development.

Cristina Palacios is CAT’s Safe Housing Lead Organizer. Cristina joined CAT’s staff July of 2005. As the bi-lingual lead organizer for the Safe Housing Project, she is responsible for providing building-based education and training to low-income renters in Portland that live in apartment complexes that have chronic problems with housing conditions. Cristina first became engaged with CAT when she used our Hotline.  She has extensive experience with the problem of substandard housing from the perspective of an impacted tenant.


Asher Freeman, Education Program and Volunteer Coordinator

503.460.9702 x: 3

Contact Asher for issues related to Renters’ Rights Workshops for tenants with Housing Choice Vouchers and Volunteering at CAT

Asher joined Community Alliance of Tenants in May of 2015 after spending several years working in local youth empowerment programs. They are thrilled to apply their organizing and advocacy experience to help build tenant power. Their role at CAT includes supervising the Renters’ Rights Hotline, coordinating and facilitating Renters’ Rights workshops for tenants with Housing Choice Vouchers, and supporting CAT’s amazing volunteers.


Erin Goodling, Research Coordinator

503.460.9702 x: 3

Contact Erin for questions and issues for the tenant leadership council and our community-based participatory research project.

Erin is CAT’s Research Coordinator, and she is working with the Tenant Leadership Council to document tenants’ experiences of no-cause evictions as part of CAT’s #JustCause campaign. Before joining CAT, Erin worked with the Portland Harbor Community Coalition as a community-based researcher, helping to address social and environmental justice issues related to the Portland Harbor Superfund Site. Erin has over a decade of experience teaching in public middle and high schools, social service agencies catering to homeless youth, and university classrooms. She is a PhD Candidate in Urban Studies at Portland State University, and is a nearly life-long Portland resident. Erin is bi-lingual in English and Spanish.


Tim Orr, Tenant Education Specialist

503.460.9702 x: 3

Contact Tim for questions related to the education department – hotline, workshops (including Housing Choice Voucher Workshops), evictions counseling, and letter writing clinic.

Tim joined the Education Team at CAT in December of 2016 as the Tenant Education Specialist. Before joining CAT, he worked in affordable housing and early childhood literacy and has volunteered with tax-preparation clinics, in the news department at KBOO, and in local organizing for racial justice. He supports the team to supervise the Renters’ Rights Hotline, facilitate Renters’ Rights workshops for tenants with Housing Choice Vouchers, staff Letter Writing Clinics, and provide evictions support. He speaks English and Spanish.