From CAT to #Charlottesville: Why we are united in healing and responsibility

What is most terrible about #Charlottesville is that it is not new. If we find ourselves shocked, we haven’t been paying attention.

“If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention.” – Heather Heyer, 1985 – 2017

Make no mistake: #Charlottesville is symptomatic of our national infrastructure of oppression, racism, and otherism that has been deeply embedded in our nation’s history and psyche. In housing this looks like prejudice exercised during the screening process that denies us housing because of who we are, where we come from, or what we’ve disproportionately experienced. It is discriminatory evictions, screened as no-cause evictions, ripping the rug from under families simply because they are “different” or by coded racist and xenophobic terms like “unsafe” or “problematic,” among many other things.

Together, we must be vigilant and challenge oppression and racism wherever we see it. We all have a responsibility wherever we live, work, or play to stand up for one another. As housing and social justice advocates, we are committed to dismantling racism as it expresses itself through housing injustice.


Our heartfelt thoughts, tears, and prayers are with the victims in the city of #Charlottesville and those of us feeling the soul-crushing sting of this and other instances of racism. We must press onward to a better, healthier, inclusive nation of diverse peoples. We are resilient.



The Community Alliance of Tenants Team