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It is no secret. Oregon is in a housing crisis. In the 2017 Oregon Legislative Session we need to hold our leaders to their word in serving our state by addressing what has caused, what continues to fuel and exacerbate it. Current housing policy undermines the ability for us, as tenants, to maintain stable housing. Under current law, and as you may well know from your own experience, we can lose our homes without a reason. We can also lose our homes due to unreasonable rent-increases that force us to spend thousands of dollars to move (if we find a place) or we end up doubled up with family or friends, or as we’ve heard in many instances — we end up homeless.

We believe in a better Oregon.  We believe in families providing stability for their children as they grow up. Children should not have to lose community ties unexpectedly, or be forcefully removed from their schools, teachers, and friends. We believe in #JustCauseBeacuse families should not have to choose between housing, food, and medical care due to unaffordable rent increases. We believe in #JustCauseBeacause seniors, who have given so much to our communities, should not have to worry about living in the streets or succumbing to struggling the rest of their lives because of rent-increases they can’t afford. We can support our state’s health, well-being, and economic future. Our economy should not be undermined as we suffer from turnover due to transportation barriers or stress on the job. We should not lose our homes without cause, without recourse, and without adequate protections. 

Our current laws have fueled and exacerbated the housing crisis we see today, but we have an opportunity to be the Oregon we can be by enacting common-sense legislation around #JustCause and #RentStabilization policies. We CAN do better!