Condo Conversions

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What are my rights when my landlord is converting my apartment into a condo? 

Under Oregon Law, landlords have certain obligations to their tenants when they are planning to convert rentals to condominiums.

  • Notice must be given to tenants at least 120 days before a condo conversion will begin.  The notice does not serve as an eviction; it is only to inform tenants of the conversion plan. (ORS 100.305)
  • Tenants must be given first opportunity to purchase the unit they reside in and at least 60 days to reject the offer. (ORS 100.310)
  • Your landlord cannot show your unit to prospective buyers without your permission. (ORS 100.310)
  • Construction may begin on common areas of the complex between 8 am and 7 pm, but no work may be done within your unit during the 120-day period after you have been given the notice. (ORS 100.315)

Landlord may not issue a no-cause termination notice within the 120-day period, or issue a no-cause termination notice before giving a 120-day conversion notice in order to get around this law.  Landlords also have some limits around raising rent to force tenants out during the conversion notice period.  The penalty for a landlord violating this is six months’ rent or twice the actual damages.

Important Information for Conversions in Portland

If you live in Portland, City Ordinance #150739 requires that developers pay for the moving expenses of low-income tenants.  Unfortunately, there is not a clear way to make sure that this ordinance is enforced.  Contact Legal Aid with questions about this at 503.224.4086.

It is important for policymakers to understand the impact condo conversions have on renters’ lives.  You can contact City Council members or Oregon state legislators to tell them your story and ask them to address your concerns.