Take the #RenterSOS Landlord Pledge

  • I am a landlord in support of the Community Alliance of Tenants, their Renter State of Emergency campaign and the policy demands around rent increases and no-cause evictions.

    I take pride in keeping the tenants’ homes in good shape, and do my best to keep rents reasonable. I am still able to cover my costs, and make a decent return. I believe that the business relationship between the tenant and the landlord should be mutually respectful and beneficial.

    I care about my community, and the health and well-being of all who live in their homes, and do not agree with the level of pain and involuntary displacement that we are seeing.

    I voluntarily agree to issue only for-cause termination notices to the tenants I do business with for one year. Tenants deserve to stay in their homes if they are current on rent and have not violated the lease. Also, I agree to raise the rents no more than 5% over the next year. It is unreasonable to drastically raise the rents on hard working families, even if the market will allow me to charge much higher rents.

    I want to do my part to keep our communities together, stable and safe.

  • (In order to verify, please include in your submission one address of a rental property you own. CAT will keep this address confidential.)