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The best way to support CAT’s great work and to help build a strong Housing Justice Movement is to become a member or a supporter. It’s through the support of CAT’s members, supporters, and funders that CAT is able to continue to work to win new victories for tenants’ rights. We can make a real and meaningful difference for Oregonians with your support.

The Community Alliance of Tenants is Oregon’s only statewide grassroots organization working together with tenants to fight for better laws to protect tenants from unfair housing practices. The more members we have, the more powerful we are, and the more we can do for all tenants.

* All financial contributions to CAT are tax deductible.

RENTERS: If you are a renter, your donation of $10 or more (we encourage you to donate what you can within your income level) makes you a Member of the only statewide renters’ organization in Oregon, the Community Alliance of Tenants. You will receive our newsletter, priority callback on the hotline and voting rights at membership meetings where you’ll help steer the organization’s policy. Best of all you are building a more powerful voice for Oregon’s tenants! To read about CAT’s membership structure and how we make decisions, please take a look at our Bylaws!

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HOMEOWNERS: Are you a homeowner who cares about social justice? Donate to CAT and become a Supporter. You’ll receive our newsletter, and your donation helps high barrier tenants to become housing leaders including low income families, immigrants, refugees, single parents with small children, people with disabilities, seniors and others to stand up for their rights.  Please consider becoming a Sustainer, one of our monthly donors. Sustainers help CAT survive.

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