Volunteer with CAT


Activate your tenant power!

The Community Alliance of Tenants (CAT) runs the only renters’ rights hotline in Oregon.  As you can imagine, we get tons of calls from people in need of our help and we need YOU to help us promote tenant education for your fellow Oregonians!

The Community Alliance of Tenants (CAT) is looking for dedicated, passionate volunteers!

Join CAT’s team of active housing justice volunteers and become a Renters’ Rights specialist.

Volunteering with CAT is a great, rewarding learning experience and we couldn’t do all the amazing work we do on behalf of renters throughout Oregon without our dedicated team of  volunteers!

Volunteers will learn about CAT, CAT’s new programs, upcoming opportunities, and develop the skills & ability to share information about renters’ rights and responsibilities. This orientation is just the beginning of many wonderful opportunities for you to develop an in-depth understanding of CAT mission, tenant protections, and how to empower tenants who may be facing challenging times.

Empower yourself with knowledge and pass it on to others!