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Tenant Tip Tuesday: Fees

Scared of hidden fees? Random charges hovering like ghosts over your head and bank account? Find out what’s okay – and what isn’t – when it comes to fees charged by your landlord. What is a fee? A fee is a payment from a tenant to the landlord that is not refundable. Landlords must give […]

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#TenantTipTuesday: Documentation

Documentation is the single most important action you can take to protect your rights as a renter. Keeping good records and communicating in writing help: Increase credibility Clearly demonstrate the effort of a tenant and the lack of response of the landlord Hold the landlord accountable May help to prevent retaliation Documentation can also help: […]

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#TenantTipTuesday: Getting Your Deposit Back

If you’ve ever moved, you know the endless suffering of dragging boxes, pets, family members, and furniture from one overpriced room to the next. You’ve already got enough going in your head – the last thing you want to think about is how to get your deposit back. But you need to! We’ve put together […]

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