Tenant Tip Tuesday: Getting a Roommate

With rent on the rise throughout Oregon, people are increasingly living with roommates. But finding a roommate that works with your lifestyle or fits in with a house full of people isn’t always easy.

Preparing to Move Someone In

If you’re a renter, make sure your landlord is okay with you having a roommate in your house or apartment and get the new person on the lease. As always, the best way to do this is to get it in writing and documenting every step of the process. Your roommate is also a renter, with all the usual rights that entails. You want to offer them a clean room that they can start their life off in.
When your new roommate moves in, prepare a small checklist that goes through the state the room was in when they got there that they can also use when they move out. This helps document changes and prevent disputes later. Take pictures and document any repairs as they come.

Choosing the Right Person

Share your housing with someone who holds similar sleep patterns, noise-levels, and compatible personality traits as you. Sounds tough right? That’s because it is. The earlier you look, the easier it is to find someone who is the perfect fit.

Welcoming your New Roommate

Sometimes sharing a roommate quiz with your new house member helps to make sure you understand each other too. Make sure you’re not just looking out for your interests, but the new person’s as well. What do they want out of their housing situation? What are their preferences for times to work or play?
Again, always try to develop good relationships with your fellow tenants and roommates. When push comes to shove, you’re better off supporting each other than not. Documenting every new housemate entering, and the work expected of everyone, along with people’s preferences and chores, helps make sure everyone feels heard and supported.

Let us know what you wish you’d known about having roommates in the comments!

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