Tenant Tip Tuesday: How to Organize Your Own Renter Week of Action

Are you excited for the Oregon Renter Week of Action? Maybe you just heard of it like ten seconds ago? Or maybe you live somewhere and don’t see an event listed yet? Never fear! Renter Week of Action is a tenant led event, meaning that you can join however you feel most comfortable. Here’s a list of ideas of what to do if you want to get involved.

Organize Your Building or Neighborhood

Set a day up next week to have a community-wide event. Whether it’s posting signs near the laundry room or getting folks together online, bring people together and let them know about the Renter Week of Action & Assemblies! We have a lot more information on organizing your building and forming an apartment union here.

Set up a door knock for Renters Rights

Do you live in an area where the rent keeps going up and folks don’t know what to do? Do your neighbors not know each other well? It might be great to think about organizing beyond the building and into your neighborhood. Go door to door and let folks know there are services available if they ever need help, and they have rights as renters.

Start an online fundraiser

Can’t leave your house? Got to work all week? You can still organize for renters’ rights online. In fact, Facebook has a new feature that allows users to create fundraisers for specific nonprofits. Here’s the quick how-to steps:
  1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed.
  2. Click + Create Fundraiser.
  3. Select Nonprofit.
  4. Search for The Community Alliance of Tenants, then choose a cover photo and fill in the fundraiser details.
  5. Click Create.
Voila! You now have a fundraiser. In fact, we’re planning on make one specific day of Renters Week of Action our goal give day. Whoever raises the most money will win a yearlong membership for them and a friend to the organization.

Join an event near you

Find an event going on near you at our Oregon Renter Week of Action page and attend or share. Remember, spreading the word is just as good as helping any other way! We need folks to know what’s going on if we want them to show up. Share events and updates in local renters’ rights groups to make sure folks know what’s going on!

Share your event with us

If you want to get your event listed on our Oregon Renter Week of Action, feel free to message our Facebook page or write us as organizing@oregoncat.org. We’re excited to see events take place across the state!

Plug into Renters’ Week of Action events in progress

You can sign up to take on a leadership role in an event that’s already planned by filling out this form.