#TenantTipTuesday: Keeping Warm

Preparations for incoming cold weather include taking out our heavier blankets, layering up with a sweater, turning up the heat or maybe installing a weatherization kit for the inside of our windows. Landlords also have a responsibility to prepare for incoming cold weather. Some of those responsibilities include:
  • sealing gaps throughout the home
  • protecting pipes from freezing or bursting
  • checking the water heater
  • maintaining the safety conditions of the outside areas of the property

Don’t let those pipes freeze! Your landlord is responsible for that.

ORS 90.320 states that landlord must keep your place and common areas in good repair. Document your concerns about safety conditions and or repairs requests by writing a letter to your landlord. Learn more on our website today.
Got more questions? We’ve got more answers. Call us today at the Renters’ Rights Hotline.

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