#TenantTipTuesday: Mold 👾

The rain is here and that means mold is ready to grow. Where there is humidity and bacteria, your home is vulnerable to mold growth.

What is mold?

Mold is a common occurrence when there’s lots of moisture or there’s not enough air circulation in your home. It is a type of fungi that can grow in variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. In nature, its purpose is to digest decaying material. In your home, it can be much more destructive and cause structural problems along with health issues for nearby inhabitants who are vulnerable to breathing in mold spores.

What causes mold to grow?

Molds need moisture to grow. Some household situations that lead to mold growth include:
  1. Clogged gutters and downspouts
  2. Leaky plumbing
  3. Leaky roofs
  4. Using hot water without venting the steam to outdoor air.
Also, when indoor air is warmer than outdoor air, moisture can collect on cold surfaces like singlepane windows, uninsulated walls, pipes and roofs.

How do I test for mold?

Throughout Oregon you will find city inspectors and private inspection companies that can check your home or apartment. Reach out to your local city government and ask what the inspection protocol looks like in your area.

How do I get rid of it?

If mold starts to grow, try removing it with a non-toxic cleaning solution. document the repair issue by taking photos, and notify your landlord in writing.
The landlord must keep your home in good repair, provide effective waterproofing, weather protection, and good air movement (per ORS 90.320).
Read more on our website to find out ways to prevent mold and call the hotline (503-288-0130) if you’re experiencing unmet repair needs.