CAT’s Board President Thanks Justin Buri, Announces Interim Director

Dear Friends,

The Community Alliance of Tenants thanks you for your continued support and commitment to Housing Justice. Your efforts have empowered CAT to accomplish amazing feats in the advancement of tenant education and tenant rights.

Your support has enabled CAT to stand out as an essential pillar of the housing advocacy community in Oregon, and has empowered the Housing Justice movement to leave a lasting mark on local and State electoral politics. Each of your courageous stories and experiences have helped fuel a dramatic shift in the way that policymakers and other stakeholders now address the affordable housing crisis. Together, we have increased awareness of the need for innovative solutions and stronger tenant protections. Momentum is now on our side as we continue to march forward toward a more just and equitable housing landscape.

The leadership of CAT’s Executive Director, Justin Buri, has been instrumental in bringing about such incredible progress. S​ince 2009, he has contributed to our mission as a volunteer, board member and as staff. His fervent dedication has helped cultivate a healthy and growing organization in a myriad of ways​. As you may be aware,​ Justin recently made the decision step down as CAT’s Executive Director. While we are sad to see him go, we wanted to take a moment with you to celebrate his success and​ thank him for all he has done. During this shift at CAT and Justin’s departure, it is imperative that he is recognized for his courage, passion, and success at CAT and as a housing advocate.

CAT remains committed to building upon this legacy. We will continue to position ourselves to make a difference through tenant education, enhancing the collective voice of our members and supporters, and fighting for stronger tenant protections at all levels of government.  Our new Interim Executive Director, Katrina Holland, will start on June 1, 2016, in an effort to ensure a smooth leadership transition. An experienced community activist, Katrina began her journey with CAT in 2014 with a background in small business ownership, operations management, financial oversight and fundraising coupled with exemplary leadership in housing and economic development advocacy. She seeks to lead the Community Alliance of Tenants with an inspiring vision for organizational sustainability, leadership in housing equity, tenant education and advocacy with deepened partner and supporter engagement. Under her leadership, we will continue to raise the standard of living for Oregon tenants from all walks of life.

We are excited to continue this journey, together with you, through this historic moment for housing justice. For additional inquiries, please feel free to contact Katrina at Thank you again for the many ways you have supported and continue to support CAT.


Lisa Bailey
Board President