The Landlord Pledge

Are you the one we’ve been looking for? The landlord who stands in solidarity with their tenants?

Right now, renters across Oregon are struggling to keep their homes amidst no-cause evictions and extreme rent hikes. Over and over again, we hear the same message: who can we trust? Where do we go from here?

You might be the perfect next step for a family in need. You have a home and vow to never use a no-cause eviction or a steep rent hike (over 5% a year) to turn a family out of their home.

Our tenants are looking for you, every day. You can take the Landlord Pledge and be listed as a trusted place to stay on our soon-to-be-launched Safe Landlord Search. You will receive a welcome packet, complete with a sticker you can put in your leasing office or property to let folks know you are on board.