Urgent #RenterStateofEmergency Update:

Urgent #RenterStateofEmergency Update:
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The 2016 Oregon State Legislative Session begins next week, and CAT is supporting HB 4001, Rep. Alissa-Keny Guyer’s “Housing Relief Act.”

In our #RenterStateofEmergency declaration, we called for a moratorium on no-cause evictions for one year, and a one-year notice period for rent increases over 5%.  Like the Portland 90-Day Notice ordinance, this bill is a step forward, and will set the stage for genuine Just Cause Evictions legislation and protections against destabilizing rent increases in the 2017 Oregon legislative session.

Here is what is included in the Housing Relief Act bill, HB 4001:

  1. Increased notice period for no-cause terminations from 60 days to 90 days, after the first year of occupancy.
  1. Eviction relocation assistance: Require a landlord to pay the tenant one month’s rent with the no-cause termination, after first year of occupancy, to help with relocation costs and deposit on next rental.
  1. Restore the former presumption of retaliation if a landlord terminates a tenancy with a no-cause notice within six monthsafter a tenant complains.
  1. Increase notice period for rent increases from 30 days to 90 days.
  1. Prohibit rent increases during the first year of a tenancy.


Here are the details for next steps:

WHAT: Legislative Hearing on HB 4001, Rep. Alissa-Keny Guyer’s “Housing Relief Act”

WHEN: This Monday February 1, 2016 at 3pm

WHERE: Salem Capitol in Hearing Room D.

HOW: Go in your own car or come in the van with us to Salem this Monday -February 1, 2016!     (to reserve a space on the van leaving CAT at 1 pm, email Justin@OregonCAT.org by Saturday 5pm)
Can’t make it to Salem on Monday? You can still make your voice heard!

Here’s the link to provide your testimony before 1 pm on Monday electronically by filling out the fields: 

The bill will be heard at the Capitol in Salem, on Monday February 1st, 3pm in Hearing Room D. The landlords will come out in force to oppose this bill, and we need Tenant Power to counter their arguments!

Let us help you prepare your most effective 3 minute testimony:
Please email Justin@oregoncat.org if you want to join us in Salem. Tenants can just be present to show support, or can work with CAT staff to prepare 3-minute testimony.

Come join CAT and our allies to demand statewide tenant protections against no-cause evictions and rent increases.

Make your voice heard!