CAT is a tenant membership organization.  Low-income tenants – predominately low-wage workers, families with children, people living with disabilities, seniors, and people of color – are CAT’s primary membership base.  CAT is building a strong housing justice movement that is led and directed by those who are most impacted by Oregon’s affordable housing crisis – low-income renters.

Questions About Tenants Rights?

Learn about your Rights Call the Renters’ Rights Hotline: (503) 288-0130
JOIN US! #JustCauseBecause Lobby Day Wednesday April 12th

Oregon renters say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Our legislature needs to act NOW! The entire state of Oregon needs #JustCauseBecause no-cause evictions are ripping our communities apart. Oregon needs to lift the ban on#RentStabilization because too many Oregonians have to make devastating choices between rent and other basic life necessities. Oftentimes, we are threatened with homelessness. THIS HAS TO STOP!


Join us April 12, 2017 in Salem to lend YOUR VOICE, speak with our legislators directly and show up with #TenantPower!!!

Lobby Training and Lobby Visits with Legislators – 10am-3:00pm
March and Rally 12:00pm

Oppostion is in full force: calling, emailing, visiting the legislature demanding that the ban on rent control stay in place and that no-cause evictions remain in place. We are 1.5 million renters across Oregon that need to bring OUR VOICE. Please include yours!!

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