CAT is a tenant membership organization.  Low-income tenants – predominately low-wage workers, families with children, people living with disabilities, seniors, and people of color – are CAT’s primary membership base.  CAT is building a strong housing justice movement that is led and directed by those who are most impacted by Oregon’s affordable housing crisis – low-income renters.

Questions About Tenants Rights?

Learn about your Rights Call the Renters’ Rights Hotline: (503) 288-0130
What Can You Do About Displacement in Portland?


Have you seen your neighbors, friends or family moving out of your neighborhood? Are you scared that it will happen to you? Learn about displacement and what you can do about it!

What is Displacement?  Displacement is when you are forced to move out of your neighborhood where you chose to live, for reasons out of your control.  For example, displacement happens when property taxes are too high, rent is no longer affordable, there is an increased cost and changes to local services, and when there is a loss of social diversity and of a sense of community.

Do you care about Displacement?  The City of Portland is working on a 20 year plan that could change who lives in Portland and what gets built. This plan could increase the number of displaced people or could help slow it down so more people can stay in their community.

As a resident of Portland, here’s how you can make a difference:

  • GET ORGANIZED! Talk to people in your neighborhood about it, band together!
  • GET INFORMED! — To learn more about the Portland Comprehensive plan, click here:
  • GET ACTIVE! Fill out and send your comments to be transcribed onto a postcard to elected officials to tell them what is needed in your community so you can keep living in the place you chose to live.

  • GET ACTIVE! - Testify at the Portland Planning and Sustainability hearing on February, 24th, 2015, 3-9 pm and tell elected officials there is a need for inclusive affordable housing! Portland Planning and Sustainability offices, 1900 S.W. 4th Ave., Suite 2500A, Portland.

Contact Cristina at CAT 503-460-9702 x3 or by email for more details.