CAT is a tenant membership organization.  Low-income tenants – predominantly low-wage workers, families with children, people living with disabilities, seniors, and people of color – are CAT’s primary membership base.  CAT is building a strong housing justice movement that is led and directed by those who are most impacted by Oregon’s affordable housing crisis – low-income renters.

Questions About Tenants Rights?

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#TenantTipTuesday: Disputing a No-Cause Eviction
Many people think that a landlord has to have a reason for terminating their rental agreement. Unfortunately, that’s not true.

In Oregon, a landlord can legally terminate a month-to-month rental agreement without giving any reason. If the tenant has a fixed-term lease — for example, a one year lease or a six-month lease — then the landlord can only terminate for “good” cause. And notably, there is now a Portland Relocation ordinance that brings no-cause evictions into their own category within Portland city limits. Read more about that here.

There are some cases, however, in which a landlord cannot terminate a rental agreement without cause. A landlord cannot terminate a rental agreement if:

  • The landlord is retaliating against a tenant for making a request for repairs or other complaint related to the tenancy
  • The landlord has a discriminatory reason for terminating the tenancy
  • The landlord has failed to give sufficient notice of the intent to terminate the tenancy (often a landlord will only give 30 days’ notice even if a tenant has lived in the unit for more than a year).
If you think that your landlord is terminating your tenancy for an illegal reason, or that you did not receive proper notice, you should contact a lawyer, the Oregon State Bar referral service, or your local legal aid office. Call the Renters’ Rights Hotline to ask any questions as well.

It’s important to move quickly: do not wait until the day that your rental agreement terminates to talk to a lawyer!

Call the Renters’ Rights hotline today to learn more.

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